Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our trip to South Dakota

Thes two Bull Elks are in "Bear County"  Most of the Bull Elks had at least 6 points on them.

Look at these wouldn't you love to see them in my front yard.  My grandkids would love that.

These bears are so much fun to just set and watch.  We had cars behind us and we could stop for to long or the would beep at us.  He went into his cave.  He couldn't make up his mind in what he want to do.

The Buffalo was about the last thing we saw as we drive out of the compound. We drive to the parking lot and we took this picture and a few hundred other ones.  It took us about three hours to drive thru and walk around the park area.

Our next stop for the day was at Mt. Rushmore.  I was wanting to stop here for the whole trip.  This was so beautiful and the grounds around it was just as beautiful as I knew it would.  but only one problem
I had was that it was 105 that day even in the shade.  It was really hard to really enjoy it or even walk around.  BUT my wonderful sweet husband wanted to go on the 30 minute trip with a guide to show them all the highlights of the place and boy was we glad that he did.  He learned a lot and he took some really good pictures of the 30 minute walk and learned a lot about the mountain.  While he took this walk I set down in the shade of where everyone came in at.  I watched all kinds of people come in.  Big one, little one, tall one and as I set there I wondered how some of these people could get around in there as the heat was so hot.

Then we went down at the end of the day and went and seen Crazy Horse.  I really enjoyed the video that they showed of the man that started it and how he married and had 10 children and how each of those 10 children now have something to do to the mountain to keep the work going.  how the family sales things to make the money to be able to keep the work going so the goverment don't step in.  I very much enjoyed all of this and would of loved to have spent some money there but couldn't.

This is Crazy Horse and it well be beautiful when it is all done and said.  I hope to someday to go back and see it.  But I'm 61 years old and I don't think I will be going back that way for a while.

I want to say this was the first trip that was a really a vacation for my husband and I.  We took 4 weeks and realy enjoyed ourselfs.  We meet our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter and went and say Nauvoo and Cathidge Illinios.  What a wonderful trip we had.  Thanks for coming by and seeing my blog.

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Elaine Wilson said...

Beautiful pictures from your trip! Very nice. I am sure that they will be memories that you will always treasure. Elaine