Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I just took some new pictures of our new little girl and would love to share them with you. She is now 3 months old and she weights 2.9 lbs.  We are still working hard on potty training but sometimes she does great and not so good on other days.  BUT we still love this little girl.


She is one very spoiled little girl and she is a joy to have around us.  I'm so glad that we paid the money that we did for this little girl and now she is part of our family.  We really love her and when she isn't playing on the floor she set's and sleep's next to me.
She is the first dog that we have ever had that is my dog.  Most of the time they becomes our children or my husband dog.  But not this one. I know both of us has so much fun playing with her.  She loves to go outside with her dad and she runs in the house with him also.  Bridget is her name and she is the joy in this hime.
Thanks for coming by and I will share some pictures with from this coming Saturday.
We will be having a work shop on Saturday and we all well be working on our albums or cards or what ever they want to work on.  So I will be back on monday to make my report to you.

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