Sunday, March 6, 2011

3 baby Shower Cards

Here is all 3 of the 4 Baby Shower Cards that I'm making.  YES these are all different paper used on all 4 of them.

Yes all of these are different.  But I'm making about 10 in each group.  I want the mother to be to be happy with each of these.  As you can see these are pink.  She is having a little girl.  After i get these done then I need to make about 40th of these for a baby boy.  He will be born in July.  So I better get busy.

Donna  Scrapp'n Nana  want to look,  I would love you too. 


Megan said...

I really like the first two... do you have any striped patterns with just pink and white? My sister decided to do hot pink and baby pink as her colors.


Scrapp'n Nana said...

These are the ones that I'm making you. The one's that you don't really like send them to people that don't the mean the world to your sister. These all have pink in them that is why I'm using them. I'm using all the hot pink I have on hand. i really think you will like them when you get them and see them in person. Just tell me now IF you don't want me to do them at all. Tell me now so I don't work so hard on all of them. It will take me another week or two to get them complete. Let me know know for sure.

Love You guys

Scrapp'n Nana said...

Megan I found some more stripped paper and with what I just have done most or if not all of them will be the stripped ones. There may be a few of the squares but not many. My goal is to send you the 40. Keep one for the baby book. Also make sure the baby name is on the card that you keep for her.


Donna Scrapp'n Nana want to look, I would love you too.

Megan said...

These look great thank you!