Sunday, June 19, 2011

Working for the Dream Team

I'm so excited to try something new for myself and I love to share that with you. I have been working on this since Thrusday and I have had so much from with it and I want to share it with you. The more I work people I learn so much and I know it is because each of you help me to grow and I have been able to do that by watching you. Now I would like to help someone else learn from me.
First I want to share the fun I have had putting this together.  Thank you for coming by and Welcome to my blog.

This is my great nephew and what a great young man he has become and this was his special day and I wanted to share this page with you.

I have put a lot of flowers on this and for me that is way out of the box for me but for some reason I liked it.  Hope you do to.

Cricut : Tie the Knot
12 in Rotary Trimmer: Creative Memories
Flowers Black & White set: Creative Memories
Paper- Black & White Set: Creative Memories
Ribbon & Brads from: Jo-Ann's

Thank you for coming by and I really hope you all love this and please join me over at Terri's.  What a wonderful place to be so make sure you go and let Terri know that I sent you over there. 
Come back when you can and enjoy your day.

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Terri Sproul said...

enjoy your post, look like it was a great wedding. thanks for your submission to the Robin's nest Design team.

Anonymous said...

Terri I hope it is what you wanted I sent you 4 e-mails about this but I'm not sure if you got any of them. Your address keep's telling me you are full and YOU can't take anymore. Thanks for stopping by I really hope it is what you wanted but if not that is okay I tried.

Donna Scrapp'n Nana

Scrapp'n Nana said...

Maybe I have been bull headed enough that maybe I fixed my problem.

This is a hopeful a good test.