Sunday, November 20, 2011

The De Graw Family

Hi ladies it is finally over and I'm glad. I want to start by thanking my new Daughter in Law's parents for the wonderful job they all did on the wedding. I know I was very please with it and very very happy and glad to meet Cheryl and Rick and the sisters of the Bride, oh the grandfather of the Bride also. Tom I'm so glad to finally meet you. Your granddaughter talks about you a lot and to me that show me how much she loves you. I'm so grateful for our New daughter in law and glad to add her to our family. I have some more pictures to share and can't wait to start their Wedding album with these pictures. I don't have all of the engagement pictures but I do have enough to start anyhow. Thank you Cheryl and Rick for the pictures, thanks to the sisters that took the pictures also they all was good.

WOW so Beautiful

With Tears in his eyes

Mr. & Mrs. Doran De Graw Jr.

The De Graw Family

Addyson, Jacob, Megan & Brooklyn

Her Helpers, new Niece Desirea, Addyson, Brooklyn & Jacob

Daddy helping youngest daughter to hit the Pinatas.

There was about 20 children that hit the two of them and they still couldn't break it so the Groom took it in hand and broke one.

Then the Bride took at the second one and broke it.

Mr. and Mrs. Doran A. De Graw Jr.

Thank you for coming by and it is finally over and ready to rest for a day or two then thanksgiving and the kids will be back for that.  He are all are so happy for the both of them.

Thanks for Coming by with us..............
Donna Scrapp'n Nana
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