Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Best for Last!

NO they really aren't the best of them but they are really the last for tonight.  Then I'm back to working on the wedding album for my son and his wife.  These are fun to make and I do love my few friends that I do have.  Also this is something that I love to do and do enjoy making cards.

See how beautiful this lace looks on this paper even if it is pink it still is pretty and it looks so lacie on here.  Then all of these cards has blings on all of them to inhance each of the cards.  I hope the ladies will like these and want to keep them.  BUT I can say no one has ever given me one back yet.

The little white hearts at the bottom are little blings that came in a small box of them that I got on line for a dollar.  Now I want to go back and buy more of them cause they really add to my cards.

Thanks for coming by and if you like please leave me a comment.  Thanks again and have a great week-end.

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Donna Scrapp'n Nana
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