Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Earned these back in 1990.

Yes that was a very long time ago but I'm very proud to pass these on to our first granddaughter.  My kids was still in school when I was the only parent working and I worked hours hours.  It was really really hard work, now I'm being silly.  I was a Tupperware lady and I sold Tupperware for almost 8 years and out of that 8 years I drive one of the Van's that Tupperware let their Mangers drive but to do that we had to stay above a special amount of money to keep me in that Van.  IF we ever dropped below for more then two months I could lose it.  So I was busy recruiting ladies all the time.  Then one three months they ofered us a special doll if US manger sold so much.  So I worked really hard so I could earn those dolls.  Well to make this story short I wored my bum off and sold what I had to do each month to get those three special dolls and I did it.  Here is what I'm handing down to my first granddaughter:
This one from Holland

This one from Japan

This one from USA

On her dress it say's I Love Tupperware

This says I Love Tupperware

You can really read it on this little lady from Holland.

I love these dolls and I was was so proud of earning them.  Now our granddaughter is turning 11 and wants to start collecting dolls.  She already has three that her Aunt Dawn has already given her.  So she will get these for her birthday when she comes down this coming week-end.

Thank you one and all for coming by, yes these are cards but they are something that I love and is handing down to my eleven year old granddaughter.  I know she will be happy to get them cause has has been eyeing them for some time.

Thanks for sharing with us..............
Donna Scrapp'n Nana
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