Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A New Baby Album

I just recieced this album today and I really want to share it with you. Back in 1974 we knew we couldn't have children so we felt that we wanted to adopt us a baby.  So we went to our Bishop and he got us the papers that we needed to get started.

This album is all set up for you and all you have to is add pictures.

A picture of your little boy.

It has two family tree's so your baby knows their family.

A picture of Mom and Dad 

Information for adoption if you adopted.

Beautiful pages done up great.

The Bunny is done so beautiful that any child will want to look and play with this album alot.  With their pictures in it and it will keep safe for many years.

Thank you so much for looking and please come back.

If you like this album you can go to my website and see more of it.  We also have one for a girl that is as beautiful.

Donna  Scrapp'n Nana             want to look,  I would love you too. 

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