Saturday, April 16, 2011

Walk for Autism

Our daughter who has a heart condition is asking for all of our help.  We have a grandson who has Aspsberger.  I don't think I spelled that right so forgive me.

Join Autism Speaks as we walk to change the future for all who struggle with autism!

Walk Now for Autism Speaks is a fun-filled, family friendly event and is our single most powerful force to fund vital research that will lead us to the answers we need. Experience the power of thousands united by a single cause by joining Walk Now for Autism Speaks. Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disorder in the U.S. – we need more volunteers to join our fight. Whether this is your first walk or the 10th, take the first step and register today. You will not only raise funds, but you will become a part of a fun and supportive family-focused community.

Every 15 minutes, another family receives the devastating news that their child has an autism spectrum disorder. Help us change that! Start fundraising today. Whether you strive to join our new "Grand Club" (walkers that raise $1,000 or more) or sell lemonade to boost your total or create your own unique event, you become a part of the solution! Don’t wait another minute - start a corporate, school or family team today!

I put a web address to her site.  She can't walk the full walk because of her heart but she love her nephew enough that she wants to try.  What I would like to do is ask you to help by giving of your heart even $5.00 would help her.  She didn't put her amount high but it is going to need all of us to help.  This goes for reseach to help her nephew and my grandson.  Anything you will do we will all be very grateful for.

Here is our grandson or her nephew.

This is him before we found out what he had.  It took them almost 30 minutes just to get this picture.  We want you to see how you are helping and hope your heart will be touched and to give even a $1.00 would help.  We would love to see her go way over her goal.  But because she can't go out and meet a lot of people we are hoping my new friends will help from TheHive.

We aren't asking for it for us we are asking for Jacob De Graw.  Our daughter calls him Jakers.

Donna Scrapp'n Nana want to look, I would love you too.

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