Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pictures on Boards part 2

Part 2

Now you are ready to start painting it. I forgot something from the last post.  You need to buy this before you even start it so you have it on hand when you are ready.
A.  Envirotex Lite - starts from $12.49 for 8oz to 1 gal size for $89.99.  (I used 1 gal size)
B.  3 oz plastic cups (for each picture you are doing) need 2 for each pic.
C.  10 oz cups to pour the 2 oz's of each cup into.
D.  1 package of tongue depresser - for mixing the 4 oz with.
E.  1 package of straws to blow the air out the the mixture after you poured onto the picture.
For painting you need:
A.  small plates to mix paint.
B.  craft sponges for painting (washable kind)
C.  small paint brushes to get into the cracks (they will show up)

You don't have to paint the middle of it cause your picture will clover that part of the board. I use two different colors to make it look like shadows in the pictures.  Also just a tip you may want the color of your board to go with the colors in the pictures.

You will see how I have the paint setting out around my board.  This one was all done but I wanted you to know how I did it.  I also put a roll of plastic under all the boards I was painting on so I wouldn't get it on the table or floor where I was working.  Also don't wear your best clothes to do this in.  I also set this painted board set over night before I went to cut my picture up.

Donna Scrapp'n Nana want to look, I would love you too.

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