Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pictures on Boards part 4

Okay now you have them all glued down and ready to put the  "Envirotex Lite" on it.   Now put your picture board up on 4 3 oz cups so it set's up and off the table.  Make sure that there is plastic under it to perfect the table or the floor.  Okay now take you two jars and number them 1 and 2.  Now take a 2 oz from jar 1 and then take 2 oz of jar 2 and mix those two oz cups into a 6 to 8 oz cup and mix with a tongue depresser until you see a lot of air bubbles in the mix.  Then after they are mixed very well pour that mixture over the board starting in the middle of it working out to the edge of it.  Then go down each line with the stick to clean out those 4 lines.  Spread the mixture out and over to all the edges of the board and then pick up one of the straws and blow the air bubbles out of the mixture on the board.  Do this step all over the board to make sure the air is all gone.  then with your stick keep the line cleaned out by running the stick dow and accross the lines to each edge so they are clean of the mixture.  It is okay to have a little cause that is what makes it shine at the end of the day.  This stepp by keeping it spread out will take you almost one hour or longer.  You just have to recheck the edges to make sure the mixture made it all over the board.  As I cleaned out each line I would drop that mixture into my cup so as I checked and maybe had a bare spot I would drop a little of that mixture into that area and made sure it was spread out and mixed together okay.

Now for a picture:
This our daughter and her husband.  See how the the picture takes the whole middle of it and the sides are all painted and just fine.  This one is a 8 x 10 frame the picture is 4 x 6 and they look so nice together.

Donna Scrapp'n Nana      want to look, I would love you too.

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