Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Diaper Cake - 3 Tier

This is what I love to give to a New Mother in our church.  Here is what I used for this Diaper Cake.  I used a 100 count of size 2 diapers and a small bad size 1 for the top two layers. I also buy one toy and a travel box of baby lotion, powder, shampoo, and oil. These goes between the ribbon and diaper so they stay in there.

This took myself and my husband to tie this together.  You need to start with a flat cardboard bottom, a number 10 size can, then a large can (fruit) and then the top I use a baby bottle to wrap the last of the diapers around.  You make this like a 3 tier cake and then you wrap it with the special see thru wrapping paper.  If you have question please feel free to ask me.

This is what looks like when I'm all done with it and ready to give it to the mother to be.  She will have over 140 diapers.  It took me four months to buy everything for the Diaper Cake.

I love the way it turned out and it weights about 15 lbs and it taller then the bottom of my chairs.  My three year granddaughter say's "Nana this is as tall as I am.  But really she is taller.  I just hope she is as happy about it as I am about making it.

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