Friday, May 27, 2011

My NSD - Three Cards

Saturday  May 21 was my NSD.  What a great day it was I had about 12 people there and I handed out and I even did a special gift about half way thru the day.  I handed out he flowers in a box, but the box wouldn't stand so I put them in a cup.

This is a card I made for my granddaughter. The paper is from Leo and Stist or how ever you spell that little guys name. But when I was making it The ladies in the group wanted to know how to make it so I gave them all 4 by 6 pieces of paper and showed them how to score the long way one inch from each side and fold into the middle. Then score it at the top one half inch done and fold it over. Then at the bottom of it score a "V" at the bottom and then lay the two side lay out so it looks likethe sleeve. Then fold it in half from the then tuck it under the collar to make it look like the shirt. Then I put to pink brads in as buttons to hold it together. Every lady there loved it and wanted to try it. Which was great and the loved making it and I came prepared to have them made and take it home. What a great and fun day we had.

This card is just like the girls card. This one will be used for the boy who shares his birthday with his sister. Both born on the same day but year years apart.. I love the "Ohappy day" that I put on this one. Our grandson can read this one and really enjoy being able to read it. But now I will put it away until his birthday and then bring it out and give it to him with a couple of dollars in it for him.

This card can be used for Birthday, Annver., School Awards or just about anything that you want to honor them for something great in their life and what great things they have done. We can celebrate at almost anything and we don't need a reason to have a party to haonor someone for something. From the smallest thing to the largest. For a young man winning his first game or a young lady performing at a dance program.
Thank you so much for stopping by and looking at my cards. Thanks for sharing what you think of my cards and PLEASE leave me some advice.
I also would like to get some new ideas for making new cards. IF you have any ideas where I can find some please email that information to me at:

Thanks for stopping by and looking at what I have done. I still would love your advise so please let me know if I need to change something.

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