Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tutorial - Shirt for Cards or Scrapbooking

I was asked to do a tutorial on how I made it.  Please be kind this is the first time I have done this.  BUT if you can give me some advice how to make this better I would love it.  Sorry about a lot of pictures so I hope I didn't over do it.  First i cut the paper to 4 inches wide and 6 inch long. The longer the paper the longer the shirt will be. OKAY here we go:

Thank you for coming by and I hope this is enough to show how to make a shirt without all the writing in between the pictures.  PLEASE if i need to go and edit it and do the writing please let me know I will glady do it.  But if you follow it step by step you should be able to make one.  The first one I ever made was 4 x 8 but it made the shirt to long for my cards so I made it 4 by 6 and I like it better.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope this will help you make a shirt and have some fun with it.  You may write me at  if you need any help.

Donna Scrapp'n Nana
you want to look, come on over and see what I have.


DIANA L. said...

Very cute nice idea. You did a grreat job with your tutorial.

Brenda said...

This was awesome. Oh so detailed. Wonderful, thank you so very much for showing this so indepth
I can't wait to try this