Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Great Play Time or Past Time.

Celina has come with a plan in play to keep the 4 kids happy while we got dinner into the oven.  I wish I would of known about these things before my kids was grown up.  But I bet you that some of you mother knew about this game.

What Celina did she went to the store and brought a bag of Mini Marshmellows and a box of toothpicks and took out three TV trays so the kids could play on it.  Celina gace one tray to the oldest (Addy) gave her some marshmellows and toothpick and told her to build something.  Then she gave a tray to Jacob and did the same to him.  The last tray went to the last two girls who was the youngest.  Our neighbor girl wanted to help Jacob so she did.  This took them almost one full hour to make these and have the fun that they did.

They all had a lot of fun and we enjoyed watching them make these and when one just couldn't do it cause they didn't understand the others got in and help them.  They all work togehter and that is what it was all about.  Letting them have fun and to keep them out of the kitchen until it was about done and ready to go on the table.

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