Monday, January 9, 2012

I Love it, I love It!

WOW I'm so excited to get these two frame and pictures today.  One is for a birthday gift so I can't show it but I will show you the one I'm keeping.  I already had one frame but I was thinking I could use it but I can't so I had to order another one.  I'm so excited to have these hanging up in my home.  Everyone that comes well get to see my kids and see how much we love them.  Here is what Creative Memories Picture Frames look like and it is a 16 x 16 frame with a place to put a 12 x 12 picture.  One thing about my CM products is we get a lot of freebie's they give us a lot of embellishment's and templates free.  We can use them in any book and all the page layouts are all done for use if we want to use them that way.  All you do is drag and drop your pictures and then you tell the stories you want to tell.  I can remember one time they gave us over 100 embellishments to go with our Halloween books.  I really had a lot of fun with them.  These was free, like right now they have a page that we can go to and down load all the free things we want for our storybooks.

I really hope you will like what you see and please let me know if you do. I had so much fun making these for my two girls and letting CM do the rest.  I love these wooden frames they themselves are just beautiful and they make the pictures look so good. I have a lot of Faith in their products and so proud to use them.

Thanks for Coming by with us..............
Donna Scrapp'n Nana
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