Saturday, January 7, 2012

Remembering the past - Be Grateful

Be Grateful about what we have each and every day of our lives. Our only daughter was born with a enlarged heart.  The doctors told us back in 1978 that she would grow up to meet her heart and she will live a normal life.  Little did we know at that time how things would change for her after she married her first husband.  She was fine until after she married.  Then the stress of him being mean (hitting and beating her) her heart couldn't take the stress of it and started acting up by cause her a lot of chest pain and so on.  She started calling me asking about how her father knew he was having a heart attack.  We told her and told her to see a doctor as soon as she could.  She did and they told her what she had and told her that she couldn't have anymore kids and that her heart won't take anymore stress.  So for a while her husband was good to her.  Then in 2003 she came home for a visit and she had briuses all over her and we just wouldn't let her go back.  Just 4 weeks later we found out that she was PG with her second child.  She would be okay as along as her ex wouldn't call her or talk to her.

Two years later she meet a wonderful young man who fell in love with her and married her knowing she had a bad heart.  But he lived close to UCLA so she got the best doctor in the USA to do the Open Heart surgery on the 13 April 2009.  She was number 37 out of the 60 that had the surgery to LIVE.  The Doctor took 2/3 of the inside of her heart out and replace the value also.

Dawn and her father a hour before she went up stair to go to surgery. They wanted us there at 5 am but she didn't go into surgery until 11:30 am.

She got out of surgery at 12:50 am and we left the hospital at 1:30 am and came back the next morning.  They kept her out until 6 am to let her sleep and rest good.  We got there about 10 am and then our son in law went our to where we was sleeping and cleaned up.

She was still pretty much out until that afternoon.  She was so swollen she didn't look like herself,

All of these machine was hocked up on her and she had so many of them going into her.
She was in the Hospital for two weeks and was in ICU all that time.  They was having trouble with her heart not wanting to work the way the doctors wanted it to work and they couldn't let her go home until it did.

This day our son in law got our granddaughter back from his parents and he came to get us so we could watch her at their home until Dawn comes home.  What a joy that was for us.  Dave kept us posted daily.

This was her Christmas pictures for Dec 2009 and she looked so good then and she is feeling so good now.  As long as she doesn't over due her activies for that day then her body will tell her she need to rest.

Thank you for coming by and I hope you will read it all.  She is alive because of the doctors at UCLA hospital.

Thanks for Coming by with us..............
Donna Scrapp'n Nana
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