Friday, December 30, 2011

See what we are getting Monday.

My husband I didn't have any Christmas this year cause our son got married and we put all of our money toward that. So we had to wait until January to get our gift.  Most of you know my husband is in very poor health and his heart is very bad.  He also don't like me to be in another room working on my computer or doing my scrapbooking or making cards.  So most of my stuff is out in the living room.  So I have my stuff in these clear plaste three drawer things that you can buy at Wal-Mart.  They are really old and are falling apart.  I don't even want to take a picture of them to show you cause it is so bad.  So we are getting this Bookcase from Ikea.  Here let me show you:

This is the bookcase.  But it is standing up and that won't work for me.  So we are laying it down like this.

We have a spot under our living room window that this will set and I'm putting all of my stuff into these clear drawer that will go into each square.  I'm going to put a colored paper ove the front of each drawer so you can't see what is in ther.  but really it is to cover the mess.

I have the bigger full size bookcase of this in one of our bedrooms and I love it.  It will make my room look so nice and not mess any more.

Thank you for coming by and I really hope you will like what you see and let me know.  Please have a great New Year Eve and make it safe we don't want anything to happen to any of you.

Thanks for Coming by with us..............
Donna Scrapp'n Nana
Come and see what are the NEW TOOLS are for July. A New System

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