Saturday, February 18, 2012

Epoxy Stickers.

I love Epoxy stickers they make my cards and layout in my album stand out.  To me they add a beauty to it and make them extra special.  These 6 cards that I'm putting on is from today.  I didn't get much done today cause I had family come in and we got a lot of good visiting in and I'm so glad they came in and had a great lunch and some good visiting.  I only have 6 but I took two pictures of each so I will be putting them as six different post tonight. I hope you will like them anyhow.

This is the real gate fold.  The other ones are a gate fold also but this is the main gate fold by what Jinger told us. Thes cards today are all of this fold and I have been having a great time making them.  Just since I started on Tuesday I have made over another 46 cards.  This bunch should get me thru July.  So on Tuesday I going to start working on my albums. 

Thank you so much for coming by and I hope you will enjoy these as much as I do.

Thanks for Coming by with us..............
Donna Scrapp'n Nana
Come and see what are the NEW TOOLS are for July. A New System

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