Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Little old ME

I was taking off some pictures off my old computer that I'm sending to my daughter.  As I was doing that I ran accross some very old pictures of ME and some of our family.  So I would love to share these with you.  Yes I know it isn't scrapbooking or card making but I just want to share them with you anyhow.  There is a lot of them but because of that this will be a long post and for that I'm sorry.

I was about 6 weeks old when this was taken.  That is why it is so yellow it is 62 years old.

That is me that my mother was holdong on it.  I was just 1 year old.  My baby brother is just 2 days before mine.  So there isn't even one year between us.  He is now my big brother but yet he is still younger then me.

That is me out front and I was about two years old.  The boy is my uncle and beside him is my older sister.  She is one year older then me.

This picture is my brother David on the left, my older sister Vicki, then me.  I was three years old cause my mother just had our baby sister Nadine.  She is in the last picture.  We had been living in Pilot Rock for about one year when this picture was taken.

Starting on the left side we have David my brother, Vicki my older sister holding our New Baby sister Nadine, Then me Donna, then our uncle and we called him Shippy.  That was a nick name for him.

Okay the back roll from the left, my mom's mother Bula holding my baby sister.  Then my mother Genevieve, My Aunt Audrey, My aunt Wilma, my Aunt May.
The front roll from the left.  My uncle Shippy, me Donna, David my brother, Vicki my sister, then my cousin Larry.

Thank you for coming by and going down memory road with me.  It was so much fun I just wanted to share.

Thanks for sharing with us..............

Donna Scrapp'n Nana

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