Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Special Wedding

This family is very special to my family. We lived at each others homes and their kids lived at ours and theirs lived at our home.  We haven't been able to be at all the weddings but we went to their last daughter last night. She is the youngest daughter and she meet this young man at college I think.  But what she told me he is a keeper and they both looked so happy last night.  She does still have one sister that isn't married just yet and she has a younger brother that just finished shcool so he isn't ready to look for someone and he is just 18.
This is the youngers sister and all of her brothers. Th young man to the right of the bride is the youngers son and he isn't ready just yet to get married.

The father of the bride is on her right side with all the brothers.

The Bride and the Groom with all the Brides sister and brothers.  He is coming into a large family and I'm sure he will love it.

The Bride with all of her Brothers and Sisters and her parents right behind her.  We love this family and they are very special to us.

The Bride and Groom standing with all of the Brides family.  But her very oldest sister only came with her oldest son while her husband had to stay at home.  Springe son is going on a Church Mission for two years and she wanted her family to see him and wish him well.

Daniel and Seren Hansen

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