Sunday, June 24, 2012

We sure MISS Him!

Our first born grandson we sure miss him.  I think knowing we won't get to see him again until after he turns 18 and then his mother will get a hold of him and see if he wants to come for a visit.

Our daughter was married to his father for 5 years when she came home for a visit and we wouldn't let her go back.  She had so many bruises on her that it scared us.  But this young man was born while she was still married to him. Donovan was and I'm sure still a sweet little boy.  His father has told him so many lies about his mother that we all just pray that he won't believe them at all.

Donovan was about 4 months old in this and the next picture. He was a very big boy but we still loved him more cause he was a very happy little guy.

When we went to court we tried very hard to keep him but his father was so dishonest that he lied to the court.  But we was told from the begining that the Florida Court was for the fathers and no matter what we do.  But we didn't give up until the Judge told us she wanted the boy to stay with the father.  The Judge had lied to us and told us she would never break up the two kids but she did it anyhow.

Donovan we will love you forever and for our family you pray for your safe keeping and we pray that we can see you later on in life.

Thanks for coming by and I hope you had a great week-end.  I'm not doing to good and neither is my husband but we are stil here.

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Donna Scrapp'n Nana                                                                                                      
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Patricia Hurlburt said...

I certainly hope that things work out with your grandson. I hope you and your husband feel better soon. I do have some news that will cheer you up a little, I hope. You have won my "Hubby is Away" giveaway. Can you please email your address to phurlburt at shortnscrappy dot com? I will get your goodies out to you as soon as possible! Congrats!