Monday, February 7, 2011

1989 Football Game

Here are the pictures I told you I would put on here.  I'm not sure how to make them look like
more of a Boy.  But I did get a lot of football stuff on it.

This bottom picture was the first on I took of it but the football was just to heavy to stay up so I put them both on the floor.  Please I want to ask you for any help that you may give me to make it better.  I hope a lot of you will help.
I do have some stuff on order from a grab bag that I brought but I haven't gotten it just yet.  I need to know what I could of done to make this better.


Jillian said...

Hi there! I am happy to be your newest follower! I found your blog through Momo's challenge. Love your project - adorable!


PomMommy said...

Cute embellishments for your page!
I have two suggestion. First I would matt the pictures with a single dark solid color. For instance a team color of dark blue etc. Secondly I would group your embellishments instead of evening them out all over the pages. You want to give the things on your pages a hierarchy of importance. Think of the embellishments as one thing or two and make a bunch or line of them or shape of them on each page to balance out an over all triangle, square or circle.
Make sense? You eye needs a map to follow around the pages in a way that makes sense to our brains.