Sunday, February 20, 2011

Singing Love

I would like to go out the wall from crafts for just this one time.  We adopted this little
girl when she was 4 days old.

She was 7 days old when this picture was taken and she couldn't drink any kind of formula or soy milk.  So I went to my mother and asked her what could I give her that she could keep down.  My mother told me they use to give us kids canned milk and Karo syrup.  So we tried that and she finally keep that down and started gaining weight from that time on.

Then when she was 3 years old she sang a solo song at church with the up of her Nursery leader who just set down beside her.  She sang a song called "John the Baptist"  which is a hard song for any little child to sing but she did wonderful.
She sang with Dime Porter and kindred kids in her class.  Both of them was only 5 years old. she was just 5 and he was almost 6 years old when they did this together.
The solo part of the song was called " Mr. Santa Claus :  I Love you."  She got everyone to their feet when she got all done.  We was so proud of her and couldn't of been any happier for her.  She was so afraid to do it but I was right there near her.
She did also have a few spots of solo with her class but that was all.  From that time on she never did stop singing.  She sang all thou school years and sang at least two or three solo's every year.  Then when she kit Jr. High School she started singing for the talent shows around here plus she started singing on Main Street during the Pendleton, Oregon Round Up.  She love County Music and sings all the time.  She sang for 7 years on main Street and even three years at our County Fair and in on other County Fair then one Year at Oregon State Fair.
But now a days she is a busy mother of a 6 years old daughter and a very bad heart that we didn't know about until she married her first husband who tried to beat the HELL out of her to many times.  She couldn't live with the stress and we got her out of that marriage.  But now she is kind of healthy and very happily married to a wonderful guy who we all love.

Yes she does still sing at church at least three or 4 times a years.  She is doing wonderful.

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