Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hobby Lobby

Hi I'm off to Hobby Lobby to see what they have in ways of paper and stuff to make cards.  My husband has asked me to make some cards for some friends of ours so I need to go and get the stuff to do just that.  He wants me to gets some good paper and stuff to go with it.  So I'm looking at all of these beautiful cards that have been made on THE HIVE and have been shared with us that i have come away with a lot of ideas.  So now I want to go and see what I can find to make them.  I want to make a Football one for sure since this week-end is the game.  Then some Valentine ones better then the two I have already done. I need some help so I'm going to look at some books and see if Hobby Lobby has any of those also to help.  So tomorrow when I can get on the computer I will let you know what I have found and what i want to do with it all.

Scrapp'n Nana

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