Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Won this Award

Wow I just won this "Styliah Blogger Award" from Shawn Mosch from Crafty Chics, thank you for honoring me with this.

There is a fun little game that goes along with this award . . . I am now suppose to link back to site that gave the award    tell you 8 things that you may not have know about me before reading this post, and pass the award on to 8 other bloggers who I admire.

1.  Meet my husband in 1966 that night I told my sister if he was back here before noon I will marry him.
2.  Two years later we was married.
3   Seven years later adopted our son.
4.  Two years later adopted our daughter.
5.  1983 husband hit in the head with a 8 inch 8 foot long log  1984 Had 4 surgeries because of that.
6   1992 Husband first heart attack. 4 bypasses done home Christmas eve.  He was our Christmas Gift.
7   1994 Husband had 2 & 3 open heart surgery and 1999 had laser surgery and they put 30 hole in hi heart.
8   2001 we became grandparents for the first time.
9   2002 they made my husband terminally ill and went on SSD.

And now, for the 8 blogs that I follow that I am passing this award on to . . . 
Thank you all for helping me grow. 


mnblonde said...

Thanks so very much for this award!! You rock Donna -you are an amazingly strong woman! And I think all your cards are wonderful!

K Andrew said...

Thank you Donna--you are a sweetheart!

Scrapp'n Nana said...

Thank you ladies. I was really happy to get mine.


Donna Scrapp'n Nana want look I would love you too.

Scrappy Gifts said...

Thanks for the award!