Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Was Hoping For More Help

Hi this will be short.  I was hoping for more help here on these pages.  On my Scrapp'n Nana I have gotten three ladies to write me and tell me what they think but I was really hoping for more help.  But I might be asking the wrong way.  I love my Great Nephew and I loved their pictures.  So I'm trying to put together a Wedding album for them.  I have so much fun when I'm working on these and making my cards.  But again I get at time a blog in my brain to where I have trouble coming up with ideas on what to use. 

I don't know if I should use more flowers, more embellishments or just what.  That is why I can to you.  With all of these great mines in here someone should know what to do.  I do need your input and then I can finish this album and make some cards and then I have two more wedding albums to do for my other Great Nephew.  Yes he is from the same family.  I'm waiting for them to send me some pictures and as soon as I get those then I have two more to make.  So any input you can give me about these 11 pages of my Nephew album I would be very grateful for any help.

Donna  Scrapp'n Nana  want to look,  I would love you too. 

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