Friday, February 25, 2011

Stork Cartridge

Hi I was asked by some of you that some of you would like to help but don't want to put your real name on here.  So if you want to help and keep it a secret that is okay.  Let's say "Donna" writes and want's to help she can use her home e-mail address and write me a private e-mail then Donna in the letter can say use my name as "Marie and my second e-mail address.  But I will have to know your real name, just me.  So when you place your order I get a copy of it and that way I can say "Marie" order $75.00 or something like that.  But you have from March 1st or 2nd to March 31st to be in this challenge.  That winner will win a $20.00 worth of paper to go with the "Stork".  Let me know if you would like to do this to help me out.  IF Not that was a good try.  But Let's have some fun here also.

I know I have ladies here asking me to help and I don't mind.  BUT if they can then I think I can.  But IF I'm wrong I hope someone will tell me.  Also if you have friends that isn't part of my Blog or on TheHive please share this with them.  More the merrier.  There was a lady on The Hive that went from 20 followers to 120 in just a few days and I know I sure would love to add some of you as followers on my Blog.   go to my personal CMC website and see what we have just maybe there is something that can help you out.  , thanks anyhow ladies.

I'm learning this just right a long as you do.  Take care and God bless you all.

Donna  Scrapp'n Nana  want to look,  I would love you too. 

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