Saturday, February 5, 2011

What I'm up to!

I have been so busy today that I got started at 8:30 am and started working on my living room.  We are getting "DISH" hocked up to our TV today and they sent me a e-mail saying I get three or 4 free movies of my choice so I wanted to make sure that my TV was hocked up to the telephone lines.  So I went searching for my 50 foot long telephone line that we had at the old appartment many years ago.  After finding it I had to untire all the knocks that was in it and the Papa and Doran Jr had to staple it to the wall and the ceiling to reach the back of the TV or wherever it goes.  OF course papa didn't do anything he just gave orders or "what if you"  then I worked on getting the other TV in the bedroom ready.  Then while I was in there working on our bedroom TV I found a VHS box so I put it in the room my grandkids place and sleep in so the can watch a movie or two if we are watching something they don't like.  Which in most case is just what they do.  It is now 1:30 pm and I'm all done and ready for that guy to come but on my bed is all the clothes that need to hang up yet and some that I can't wear or just don't want anymore.  SO to the goodwill they will go or the lady in our church ward.

As I am setting here and looking out my window there is 5 head of deer out here eating the grass in my front yard.  There is one buck, 2 doe's, and 2 babies.  The neighbors dog haven't seen them just yet or he would be out here barking at them and off they would go.  They are working their way to the creek that is just down the way from us, so by 4 o'clock this afternoon they well be walking down that way.  But right this minute since it is so quite here they are just eating and looking around.

After the TV man leaves I have two football pages of our son that I need to put together and put on here for you all to see them.

I well close for now.

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