Saturday, September 17, 2011

Do You like gifts?

I would like to know which one of us don't like gifts or even a surprise gift.  Even if it isn't for a birthdate or any other reason just have someone bring you a gift.  That is what is so fun..  I know I do love surprises.  I love to get gifts in the mail and not know who it is from.  Or even have a gift box left at my front dooe.  I remember the last time that happened I got two Cricut cartridges in the mail and I didn't know who they was from.  That was a very big surprise and I cried cause I didn't have neither on of them.  That not a surprises cause I don't have that many to begin with.  What a Bless day that was for me and I hope the person that sent them will be blessed also.

Thank you for coming by and I really hope you will enjoy these.  Leave me a comment if you do or just hit the like button.  Bless all of you that does.  Have a great day and week-end.

 Thanks for Coming by with us..............
Donna Scrapp'n Nana
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